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Luscious and creative planting is the hallmark of a beautiful property, but establishing healthy and consistent growth involves time and dedication. Homeowners and renters greatly value their yards but rarely have the time to design and create their ideal landscape properly. That’s why we started Garden Authority Inc..  Our goal is to help our clients attain the yard they deserve through high quality design and a communicative approach to develope the vision you have for your landscape.

Landscaping and Yard Services

At Garden Authority Inc., we believe in offering an ideal landscape design suited to your vision for your home or office that will last through the years.

That’s why we offer services such as:

  • Consultation: if you are unsure about committing to a full design package, we can schedule an on-site meeting to view your specific needs and can offer helpful insight and wisdom that may provide solutions.
  • Assessment: our design process includes spending time on your property to assess existing conditions and determining problem areas and needed items that could benefit from a design professional's eye.  
  • Garden Questionnaire: along with our design package, our clients are given the chance to answer specific questions regarding style, plant likes, functional space requirements, and other pertinent information that helps to customize your particular needs/wants to your site and outdoor surroundings.  
  • Conceptual design: the first step in determining a successful design outcome is to take your needs/wants and shape them onto your site which include such functional aspects as circulation of pathways, patio or deck planning, vegetable garden areas, lawn/recreational needs, planted areas, and combining these items to create an overall plan.
  • Planting plan: it is important to integrate a developed planting plan with the layout plan so that the outdoor spaces can be matched appropriately with specific functions, aesthetic tastes, and maintenance requirements.
  • Irrigation: with our climate of summer heat and perpetual drought conditions, it is vital to have a well functioning irrigation system that provides correct amounts and timely schedules to establish and maintain a beautiful and healthy planting areas.
  • Lighting: an often overlooked aspect to the landscape, lighting design can add a new dimension to the planned environment and can bring aesthetic highlighting, safety and security, and also additional value to your property.

Beautiful Plants, Healthier Yards

Your city can be a busy place and few of us have the time in our busy lives to take care of the green spaces of our property. At Garden Authority Inc., we can help. Our incredible team of dedicated property professionals is able to provide maintenance and design services that will leave your yard more vibrant than ever, and your neighbors green with envy.